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3分钟攻略 | 一次性解答求职者最常问的三个问题

What can I do to stand out against other candidates? 我应该怎么做才能从众多候选者之中脱颖而出?

别只顾着看你的technical skills

尽管硬件非常重要,但是实际上和你一起申请工作职位的大部分竞争者都具有雇主所要求的skill-set。要想跳出万花丛中,你必须要让人看到你的独一无二的亮点,从cover letter到interview。

你懂得灵活运用Excel VBA?





So, questions like: ‘What would success look like in this role?’, ‘What do you most need from the person who steps into this role?’ and ‘What challenges would you need me to meet to help the organisation meet its objectives?’. Also, don’t be afraid to ask about the culture – an alignment of values is important for both sides!


There is nothing wrong with following up; if anything, it demonstrates that you are highly interested in the role and are a proactive person. Both traits are highly valued by employers. A thank you email directly after an interview is a nice touch and can be complemented by a follow up email after a reasonable amount of time has passed. In your follow up email, make sure you clearly and concisely communicate your enthusiasm for the role and the value you would bring to the company.
When contacting your interviewer, it’s important to remember and respect that they have many other priorities competing for their time. Hiring for this role is not the only thing they are doing; so sometimes, no news is no news.

With this advice in mind,

start jotting down some ideas for each question that relate to you and your career journey.


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